12 tested tips to increase conversion and user experience in the purchase funnel

  1. Choosing the product
  2. Entering information
  3. Paying
  4. Receiving confirmation

Choosing the product — minimise the feeling of risk and increase confidence

  1. Most popular -tag
    If a user is thinking of which option to buy, communicating which option people usually go for is one way of helping to narrow down the possibilities.
  2. Sense of urgency
    Creating some sense of urgency has proven to work quite effectively. Something can be, for example, about to expire for the customer (e.g. current campaign ending, current contract about to expire, current credit trade payment program coming to an end). Creating a sense of urgency can also be about the product (e.g. campaign price expiration, running out of stock soon, etc.)
  3. Ratings & reviews
    Real-life ratings are a good tool for decreasing the feeling of uncertainty. By looking at the rates, users can be more confident about buying the service as they know that others have had good experiences with the service.
  4. Cancellation policy
    When the user is buying something for the first time, the hesitation of “what if…” is always present. Communicating clearly about how the service can be cancelled lowers the feeling of risk and helps to make the final decision easier.

Entering information — make it E-A-S-Y

Payment — underline trustworthiness with visual elements

Confirmation — a good place to confirm and upsell



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