B2B customers are used to buying ever more complicated products and services online. At the same time, B2B companies are looking for and testing new ways to sell digitally and including various digital touchpoints in their sales funnels. It’s the right direction, but most companies don’t know how to optimise their sales funnels holistically. What kind of combination of touchpoints allows your company to achieve an effective, fast, and smooth customer journey and customer relationship?

The need for making the customer journey more modern and bringing service design in the B2B sector is clear:

We have seen a clear…

At the beginning of this year, McKinsey stated that the tide has turned: Digital self-service and remote customer interaction with sales reps are now, and are likely to remain, dominant elements of the B2B business model.

Through a series of global survey’s their B2B Pulse reported that 60% of the B2B market today is dominated by ecommerce. As buyer interest and comfort with digital sales have grown, the B2B market has responded. eCommerce was now shown to be the most popular route to market for B2B companies.

It is perhaps not news that the pandemic spanning over the past year…

In recent years, the standard for business to business sales has been transformed massively. Especially the expectations for the ways in which buyers want to interact with companies have changed fundamentally. We now use digital services in our everyday life and expect to have flawless user experiences, the possibility to assess options transparently and to make immediate buying decisions wherever and whenever we are ready.

Digital buying tools are a logical step in the evolution of B2B customer experience

The everyday life expectations of buying experiences have been rapidly making their way also into the world of B2B sales. B2B digital services need to be designed from the perspective of what problems the buyer…

As the general maturity of companies in digital sales and marketing is advancing, competition around the best customers is also tightening. Companies adopting an account-based approach have identified it as a way to distinguish themselves from the competition by unifying their sales approach and aligning it with the customer organisation.

The account-based sales approach seems to be becoming the industry standard for the leading B2B sales organisations. Its successful implementation in some cases has led to a striking 75% increase in the annual contract value ( Gartner, 2019). Nevertheless, having a singular outstanding Key Account Manager will not be the…

2020 was a year of exponential growth in digital sales — also for B2B. Traditional fairs converted into webinars and face-to-face discussions into Teams meetings. Many B2B companies are now reinventing the ways they operate their marketing and sales. But what are the key things to focus on in 2021 to ensure the right direction for your company? What should B2B businesses be investing in?

1. Defining and optimising the (digital) sales funnel

In the B2B context, sales funnels are typically not only digital but a combination of automation and human touch. The key is to identify the parts of your sales funnel that can be optimised with…

The best way to understand anything in life is to live and breathe it. How much time have your IT experts been spending with your sales experts? If your IT function and you as your organisation’s IT leader haven’t been very active in developing the digital sales of your organisation, it’s time to get on it.

This blog is part of our book: The Digital Sales Handbook for leaders in IT. Be sure to claim your own free copy of the book.

Let’s be real. This transformation is no small endeavour and developing digital sales will take time and effort…

IT has never been the end-goal in and of itself, has it? As IT professionals, we are enablers. One could say, IT enables employees of most companies to do their jobs, and therefore IT enables those companies to reach their maximum potential.

This blog is part of our book: The Digital Sales Handbook for leaders in IT. Be sure to claim your own free copy of the book.

Author introduction:

Lauri Eurén, General Manager
Lauri is passionate about all things related to ecommerce, and currently runs Columbia Road’s Swedish business as the General Manager. …

We recently sat down with Scott Brinker, co-founder of Ion Interactive and current Vice President of Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot, to get his take on Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). As the editor of the chiefmartec.com marketing technologist blog and best-selling author, Scott is a leading voice and renowned figure around the world when it comes to marketing technology. In this interview, he shares some of his industry reflections and offers some brilliant CDP tidbits to keep in mind.

This blog is part of our book: The Digital Sales Handbook for leaders in IT. …

How can we naturally integrate sales as an essential part of IT? The organisational set up can be fashioned in several different ways. There is no one size fits all. And in the end, what matters is not how it is done but that it is done. Successful integration happens when you think it through and then do something to make it a reality. It will not happen by itself.

This blog is part of our book: The Digital Sales Handbook for leaders in IT. Be sure to claim your own free copy of the book.

Author introductions:

Elli Pyykkö…

Looking into setting up a new web shop for your business or organisation? Not sure whether to go full steam ahead with a ready-made platform or to develop a custom solution? Or something in between? How do you make that choice? The quick answer is that it depends. The key questions are whether your ecommerce offering fits the standard template and which steps of the customer journey you intend to support with the solution.

This blog is part of our book: The Digital Sales Handbook for leaders in IT. Be sure to claim your own free copy of the book.

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