AI is transforming sales

In short, AI automates and enables new behaviours that lead to systemic sales successes across an organisation.

AI helps people to succeed in sales

  • Understanding clients better. Instead of laborious focus groups, interviews, etc, customer reviews across the internet can be analysed with the help of AI. The digital footprint (sensor data, data from interactions) of products and services can also be analysed and used for direct customer insights
  • Following clients, relationships and relevant relationship/role changes that trigger new opportunities: e.g.
  • Identifying market developments as triggers to contact clients based on recent events and upcoming topics
  • Analysing which new opportunities are most likely to turn into a sale
  • Optimising personal processes, automated coaching and similar e.g., Persistiq,
  • Content creation — producing more effective texts, infographics tailored to a specific client, or even real-time suggestions of responses during a sales call
  • Next best action — provides suggestions for follow-up actions that maximise desired KPI such as sales volume or sales profitability
  • Scaling interactions — e.g. chatbots, or conversation tools like Conversica or
  • Analysing past cases to improve the content and structure of future deals
  • Automatic enrichment of product information in ecommerce
  • And many more…

Harness the whole organisation for sales

Use AI to build a connected company

  • Sales funnel & order-intake to workforce & production planning
  • Forecasting and executing optimal logistics
  • Informing suppliers based on forecasts and real order-intake
  • Insights from the finance department can be used for profitably optimising the sales mix. Finance data also enables you to find recommended offerings for different clients
  • Optimised sales focus based on production bottlenecks, and balancing strategic targets and short term financials
  • Feeding external information into the optimisation in cases such as price changes, or the availability of certain key components from vendors

Level 3 companies use AI to connect sales to their downstream processes and external value network — all in an automated manner.

AI changes buying too

Key things to consider when implementing an AI-powered sales system

  1. Identify the business driver(s)/value lever(s) most relevant to your business. Is your value lever client centricity, marketing, cost efficiency, market responsiveness, or something else? Make sure your experiments and implementations address this value lever. This is crucial in order to be business relevant and gain acceptance to the new approach, as it supports how an organisation creates success.
  2. Identify any behavioural gap that is currently holding your organisation back in relation to #1. The behavioural gap can be either on the customer side, or related to how work is carried out by your own employees. The power of defining the scope via behavioural change lies in its measurability, and especially in the speed of that feedback.
  3. Identify experiments that address the behavioural gap. Use static data sources, review off-the-shelf products, or create a customer AI solution. It depends on the situation, but at all times keep yourself honest about whether you are generating the desired behavioural changes. Validate the change via measurement.
  4. After iterating the business value, behavioural gap and solutions, your own coherent agenda emerges.
  5. Start building production capabilities, including data platforms and roll-out plans. Remember to keep validating your agenda.

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Nordic digital sales consultancy. We help companies get more revenue and more customers in the digital era.

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Columbia Road

Columbia Road

Nordic digital sales consultancy. We help companies get more revenue and more customers in the digital era.

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