COVID-19’s effects on consumer behaviour and businesses — Market research results, part I

Consumer behaviour — permanent increase in online purchases

COVID-19 effects on B2C vs. B2B businesses

“We only dreamed of such growth in sales, and then it happened overnight. We’ve reached new audiences and sales have been growing steadily.”

– Growth Manager, Small B2C company

“Digitalisation and online buying have taken a two-year leap forward in just a few months. We are reaching a point where consumers can’t imagine not being able to shop and run daily errands online.”

– Sales Manager, B2B & B2C company

COVID-19 effects on large, mid-sized and small businesses

Impact of COVID-19 on digital sales — Summary of all companies

  • 41% of respondents stated that there has been an increase in digital sales
  • For 15% the increase has been major
  • 16% reported an increase in traditional sales
  • ⅕ of respondents considered their digital and traditional sales to be unaffected
  • 39% stated that there has been a decrease in digital sales
  • 65% saw a decrease in traditional sales
  • The increase in digital sales has been higher within B2C than in B2B

“The new normal will not be as it used to be. There is no way back to the old ways of working.”

–Large B2B & B2C company

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