Every business needs a growth owner

When should I get a growth owner?

The pursuit for growth becomes central to a company, when a product-market-fit has been established. In other words, there’s a fine line in getting into growth hacking mode too early in the development process of a new service or start-up. Whereas a growth mindset should be prevalent from the very first stages of service development, actual growth hacking activities and its fruits are best to be reaped only after proven initial customer validation and market traction.

What are the benefits of having a growth owner?

The role of a growth owner involves overseeing actual growth hacking activities and collaborating with a range of stakeholders (internal and external) in order to create the best foundation for success. In the best-case scenario, a growth owner ensures that the sales funnel is optimised both from a strategic, technical, and design perspective, relevant webshop and marketing technologies and tactics are utilised, and growth hacking is understood and fully recognised as the key business driver in upper management. This involves seeking to either change or foster the organisational structures, culture and attitudes — or ‘ways of doing business.’

No growth owner, no growth

Business growth should be a collaborative effort of various parties. Without growth hacking practices or a growth owner in place, an organisation is likely to miss out on profitable business opportunities that otherwise go unnoticed. In other words, taking on a full-time growth hacking team and a growth owner, the company can safeguard itself against stagnant, non-innovative, instinct-driven behaviour and decision-making. Having a growth owner ensures that you’re alert to changes in the business environment and are continuously evaluating all possible venues of revenue.



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