Fabian’s Roadie highlight: Building a webshop in 4 days — Case VR meatball shop

First steps — What is this webshop about?

  • What do we want to do?
  • How are we going to sell this?
  • What kinds of items are we selling?
  • Who delivers & how?
  • Are there any other restrictions, such as delivery area?

Why Shopify?

Practical things to consider when putting up a new webshop

  • Privacy policy
  • Payment provider
  • Legal side of payment agreement (within a couple days!)
  • Domain
  • Integration with google analytics
  • GDPR compliance and cookie banner

Then comes the reason I was chosen to implement this — webshop design

  • Frontpage design & layout
  • Product page design & layout
  • Customisations to shopping cart, purchase funnel and payment screens
  • Optimisation for different screen sizes
  • Common elements: Header & footer
  • Order confirmation mail
  • Invoice layout
  • Translations

Personal reflection — What did I learn?

Would I have done anything differently?

Read more on our build & design projects



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