Holistic digital B2B sales — from scattered touchpoints to a customer-oriented service

We have seen a clear change in the purchase behaviour of B2B clients. Instead of wanting a remote sales meeting, clients want to be able to effortlessly and instantly click and purchase the product or service directly from a digital platform.

- Antti Turpeinen, Head of Sales Development at Posti (Finnish national post)

Customer-oriented approach to B2B customer journeys

The bigger picture of the sales funnel

Customer-oriented approach

Automatisation and mass personification

The role of data

Example of a B2B customer-oriented approach: case Framery 360

  • 20% increase of new partners onboarded to Framery digital services during the first month
  • A notable increase in partners’ activity, information sharing, and digital sales
  • 60% of onboarded partners also return to the platform
  • Weekly, approximately 100, self-service price assessments are done on the platform, saving a lot of time in the sales department

Having the tools is not enough

Sum up

Watch the webinar: B2B Digital Commerce Revolution



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