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2 min readMay 2, 2022


What does your business need to not only survive but thrive when stepping into the new era of digital sales and hybrid work? How do you facilitate cooperation and elevate energy and creativity around digital sales in a hybrid working model that’s here to stay? What tools, practices, and frameworks can be used to build the best possible hybrid teams?

Hybrid work is here to stay

Long has been the tradition of working from a set location. High-performing sales, marketing and software teams around the world have often been co-located, huddling together in a war room of some sort.

Down the line, some companies embraced a remote-first approach. Suddenly, in 2020, remote-only became the mandatory standard. With a world now slowly opening up we are seeing a combination of all of the above. Truthfully, having so many different models of working mixed together can at times feel like a mess.

No matter the organisational landscape of a company, hybrid work isn’t simple. How do we agree on ways of working as a core team with lots of stakeholders? How do we maintain a reasonable balance of comfort, efficiency and sense of belonging?

To really make your digital sales work you need to build and keep a stable and transparent culture, a healthy feedback loop and foster cross-functional cooperation. Even more so with team members in hybrid settings. No matter whether your organisation is community-driven like ours or has a more traditional hierarchical structure, having conversations about alignment on goals and practices as a team is crucial.

We don’t pretend to have any silver bullets for hybrid work. However, from years of helping our clients create efficient cross-functional ways of working and the past two years doing so in remote or hybrid environments, we’ve gained some invaluable experience. The learnings we have put together in a toolkit to use ourselves and now to share with all of you, to help elevate collaboration and productivity in hybrid digital sales teams.

This is a tool, hosted on Miro, that you, your clients and contacts can take into their teams immediately. The toolkit consists of 45 playing cards to facilitate collaboration and discussion, categorised for your convenience under four categories: people, new teams, existing teams and tools. It scales from a quick 15-minute sparring session to boards that are used and expanded through entire projects.

Download the Hybrid Work Toolkit

On Miroverse you can freely copy and use the toolkit either online or by printing out the cards, no installation needed. It comes complete with a user guide and a collection of suggestions and learnings.

Download Hybrid Work Toolkit

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