Six key themes for winning in B2B digital sales in 2021

2020 was a year of exponential growth in digital sales — also for B2B. Traditional fairs converted into webinars and face-to-face discussions into Teams meetings. Many B2B companies are now reinventing the ways they operate their marketing and sales. But what are the key things to focus on in 2021 to ensure the right direction for your company? What should B2B businesses be investing in?

1. Defining and optimising the (digital) sales funnel

Once you have a clear understanding of your sales funnel, start optimising it. Identified bottlenecks can be in awareness building, lead generation, sales automation or customer activation. Every part of the funnel can be digitalised and the key question is what is the must-win battle right now?

2. Put data to work

We believe in approaching data with a growth hacking mindset, meaning business cases are prioritised and implemented case by case — also in CRM or data platform projects. Business impact is the best motivation for data capability development and ROI can be measured in months, instead of years.

3. Sales development — the modern process for B2B sales

Utilising a sales development function is a best practice for modern sales processes that especially B2B companies should follow. Sales development works as the bridge between sales and marketing, enabling efficient cross-collaboration with digital and automated tools and processes. If you want to learn more, check our Sales Development 101 webinar.

4. Digital buying made easy

Even though the whole decision-making process cannot be digital, some parts of it should be. Automating contract management or some other parts of the proposal work could be a good starting point. Framery is a great example of a B2B company that turned its sales processes more efficient with a digital solution — the Framery 360 partner portal. Read how Framery’s achieved Hockey stick growth in partner engagement with a lead-to-order platform.

5. Growth hacking customer lifetime value by making buying easy

If you have a customer portal or an ecommerce solution for your existing customers, it can provide great optimisation and both up and cross-selling opportunities. Why not bring the best B2C practices and learnings for B2B portals? In addition, you can utilise your CRM data and marketing automation tools for well-targeted and personalised customer communication.

6. Make your teams aligned and ready to sell

Sales, marketing, digital, IT — every part of your organisation should be driven by the same goals and KPIs. Don’t be afraid of investing in selling in addition to digital sales systems and tools. You need the right people, clear roles and growth-driven ways of working.

Learn from B2B industry forerunners

The main keynote will be held by Marta Dalton (Global eCommerce Director at Unilever), a global digital B2B sales thought leader. During her time as the Director of eCommerce at Coca Cola, she took the B2B ecommerce business from pilot to nearly $400M in 3 years. In addition, we will hear interesting success stories from industry forerunners — Framery and hallon.

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