The complex task of mastering digital sales in a traditional organisation

Successful transformation takes place in increments

Competitive dynamics demand that everything that can be flexible, must be flexible. And decisions need to be proactive.

Solve the problems that unlock value

Organisations have a high risk of seeing systems as solutions. Systems as such have no value. At best, they are enablers that make it possible to solve a primary problem. Without understanding this relationship, systems are created for all the wrong reasons. The approach and decision making must not be based on organisational structures, but on people who benefit from them.

It is essential to organise around customer value, and question the purpose of any tool or process from this perspective.

When it comes to customer value, proving the whole end-to-end value chain is the first order of business. This kind of customer experience can be proved by faking it — i.e. with processes without a connection to a transaction system, handled via manual steps. After the concept has been proven, connecting the front to the transaction systems can be considered. At that point, an architecture approach that structures the work and keeps the system landscape flexible is worth gold. Finding people who can apply it in daily work is even more valuable.

Sometimes you need to break things to change things

Driving change in a complex organisation is not a small task. If established ways of working have not been dismantled properly, the culture and mindset will never change. In order for change to succeed, enough patience and trust must be provided within the organisation. It is not something that happens overnight.

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