What a sales-enabling IT organisation should look like

  • Marketing for driving traffic and generating awareness — in ecommerce, marketing can almost be considered practically the same as sales
  • Data & analytics to learn how visitors are behaving and how conversions are working
  • IT to optimise the conversions in the web shop (or other digital interfaces), keep the platforms running and backed up as well as to suggest and deploy new possibilities and solutions available through technology
  • Service & offering design to optimise “the what” and “the how” of what is being sold — typically one ecommerce storefront includes products from all business lines
  • Sales to provide targets and coordinate activities and metrics with other sales channels

Collaborative contact > single unit running the show

Competent IT leadership is crucial to long-term success

“If a digital sales team plans to A/B test their web shop or they want to fast track new feature development for their extranet, IT shouldn’t stand in the way or insist on long processes.” - Juho Jutila

Sales targets for IT? Hell yes!

“All throughout, this whole team is collaborating, generating new ideas, new solutions and working together as one, cohesive agile team.” — Elli Pyykkö

There’s inertia to change. The value needs to be proven fast.

Embrace change or assume a defensive posture

Thinking outside the box, and the silos

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