Why does a growth team need a data engineer?

Data is the fuel of a successful digital sales growth machine

Data engineers can enable the growth team to move to the next level in digital sales. With the help of data engineering capabilities, growth teams can experiment with a wider range of ideas. For inspiration, here are some examples of how — bearing in mind that the nature of the business in question will define their applicability.

  • Knowing that the average customer journey is good, but that personalising it would make it even better. Personalised marketing messages can be adapted across different channels and phases in customer journeys.
  • The current product recommendations can work, but more spot-on product recommendations could boost sales further. The accuracy of recommendations varies; and it’s a case of making a business calculation to know what the target accuracy is.
  • Churn prediction models could predict which customers are about to take their business elsewhere, enabling companies to act early. For example, the model could track the actions a customer takes online and alert the sales department, who would then know that they should give this customer a call to see what’s going on — and maybe throw in a personalised offer.
  • Customer segmentation could be useful in helping salespeople offer the best products and prices for various customer groups. This works from two points of view: closing the deal, and also optimising the product margin. The sales cases can become increasingly complex, especially in the B2B setting, and data-based sales tools can help with both of these aspects.
  • How do consumers react to personalised offers or incentives that encourage them to, for example, give the company their contact details? When used well, contact details can reduce the cost of an acquisition, especially for existing customers.

Your growth (team) needs data (engineering) — now

Data has been a hot topic for a long time now, and some might say you shouldn’t believe the hype. A lot of companies have focused on building data collection systems, data lakes and databases.



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